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Nail-ology - Master Nail Stylist Since 2004

Trained to Master Standard, with Award Winning Creative Nail Design, we create wearable, durable, beautiful nails. We learn from the best and strive to be amongst the best of the best, continually updating our skills and training to ensure we give our clients the best of our ability.

Whether you need strength, or would like instant length, we will work with you to achieve the shape, length and finish that you desire.

Offering Natural, Soft White, Classic Forever French (pink and white) to the latest in glitter and foil funk! We have something here that is right for you!

We are happy to offer you regular appointments, or one off appointments when needed for those special occasions … you will be taken through a full consultation. Aftercare will be discussed and given to you to ensure you give your new investment the best possible care once you leave the salon.

Nail Enhancements
  • Nail Enhancements (Extensions) – Natural
  • Natural Nail Overlays / Wraps – Natural
  • Nail Enhancements (Extensions) – Specialty Tips
  • CND Shellac or Pure Gel Colour or French Finish
Add £10.00
Enhancement Maintenance
  • Enhancement Maintenance – 2 Weeks
  • Enhancement Maintenance – 3 Weeks
  • CND Shellac or Pure Gel Colour or French Finish
Add £10.00
  • Individual Nail Enhancement Maintenance / Repair
Enhancement Removal
  • Removal of Enhancements (including Mini Manicure)  1 hour
  • Other Salon Removals  (including Mini Manicure) 1.5 hours
  • Other Salon Removals (including Mini Manicure) 2 hours

As your nail grows the Enhancement balance goes!!

A maintenance appointment is our method of maintaining the beauty and toughness of your Enhancements whilst your natural nails grow. Regular maintenance appointments every 2 weeks protects the health of your natural nails, and that is our most important goal.

Nail Enhancement Removal

The cool thing about Creative Nail Design nails is that they allow your natural nails to happily and healthily grow beneath the Enhancement coating. If you fancy wearing your own nails naturally, then please ensure you have them removed by a professional.

Click on the following link for some helpful tips on Aftercare for your Enhancements.



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Enhancements / Extensions

Creative Nail Design Nail Enhancements / Extensions / Wraps.

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