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IBX is a Revolutionary Salon Professional Nail Correcting and Nail Strengthening system, penetrating the nail plate to repair weak and peeling nails and encouraging healthy growth.

The perfect addition for ladies who’s nails are prone to dryness and delamitation (flaking) from water damage / over washing and alcohol gel use.

IBX Repair is used to repair nail delamination and damage and also acts as a barrier to protect dry prone nails under CND Shellac and Gel Polishes, and to prepare the stage for new heathy growth.

The IBX treatment penetrates directly into the nail fusing together the top few layers to instantly strengthen and repair the nail plate, over time, IBX can also fill up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail surface.  Natural nail colour and appearance can also be improved.

Whilst IBX does not guarantee record length or remove the need for correct length and shape for your lifestyle, regular maintenance is advisable, you will still need to look after your nails and nourish your cuticles and nails. IBX can speed up nail growth too.

IBX Standalone Manicure
  • 1st Treatment
  • Weekly or Fortnightly Maintenance
IBX under CND Shellac or Vinylux
  • 1st Treatment
  • Weekly or Fortnightly Maintenance
Extra Support Duo
  • IBX and Strengthening Gel under CND Shellac

** Tablets are not going to change genetics and nail are genetic. The ones we are born with are what we have, no pills, jelly, vitamins etc are going to change them!

IBX  won’t actually change the nail itself, they work with what’s there. IBX fills in the small spaces in the nail surface and bonds to itself using interpenetrating polymer networks to create a strong surface, not technically a strong nail.


Achieving strong, durable nails is a journey, let us guide you through it with this cutting edge, clinally proven care program from CND.

RescueRxx is a highly effective, clinically proven, daily keratin treatment for damaged fingernails and toenails. It comes in the form of a beautiful smelling nail oil that you apply two/three times daily at home on bare natural nails for 1 – 4 weeks, then maintain your progress with Solar Oil to keep your nails in tip top condition.

RescueRxx contains natural keratin, the same protein your natural nails are made of. Each time it’s applied the keratin is deposited into damaged areas of the nail such as cracking, peeling, splitting nails and white spots.

RescueRxx is for NATURAL NAILS ONLY! That means no CND Shellac / or Gel Polishes or even Vinylux or other Nail Polishes as they act as a barrier that stops the keratin penetrating the nails. It’s perfect for people who can’t get to a salon or who aren’t allowed anything on their nails eg. Nurses, as it soaks in and leaves no residue.

CND RescueRxx Care Package
  • CND RescueRxx Care Package is a 4 week program:
4 Meticulous, Professional Manicures (once a week)
2 Bottles of RescueRxx (for you to continue YOUR home care routine between manicure appointments)The home care is quick and easy, you simply apply RescueRxx 2-4 times per day. We’ll show you how.* Apply MORE THAN twice a day for faster results!At the end of Week 4 you can return to using Solar Oil and CND Shellac or Vinylux Polish over your newly improved foundation of your natural nails.

The RescueRxx deposits keratin onto the surface of the nail and jojoba into the nail. The keratin helps replace what may be missing from mechanical force. The jojoba lubricates the nail cells (think oil in your car). This again doesn’t change the makeup of the nail itself but helps it perform better.

Clinically-Proven Results*:
Week 1: 80% noticed improvements / 80% saw less damage
Week 4: 80% less delimination (peeling) / 73% less splitting

* Please note, your nails will need to be bare / naked, to achieve the clinically proven results of this treatment program.

We will be using this alongside the IBX Strengthening Treatment, which is an In-Salon treatment for CND Shellac and Vinylux Polish clients, so there is something for everyone.

* Think of RESCUERxx as a deep treatment hair mask and SOLAR OIL as a daily conditioner.
** Tablets are not going to change genetics and nails are genetic. The ones we are born with are what we have, no pills, jelly, vitamins etc are going to change them!



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