Minx Pedicure
Minx... Extending Fashion To Your Toes!
Love a Statement? Love Minx!

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Minx is a solid film with an adhesive backing which is heat activated and applied with a little pressure. Your Minx toes will look truly fabulous for 6 weeks!?

Minx grows from strength to strength, always evolving, and is available in so many designs with new Minx constantly being added, these range from fantastic metallic with a high shine glass like finish, bold colours and funky designs. The choice is endless and there is something here to suit all tastes, whether you want to stand out from the crowd, match an outfit for a special occasion or simply wanting your toes to look fabulous every day.

No chemicals are used at all in either the application or removal of Minx. Unlike a polish, there is no drying time and no smudging can occur. Application is done quickly and you are good to go.

Minx Pedicure
  • Minx Pedicure (including shape and cuticle work)

Complimentary Trim (2-3 weeks)

Complimentary Removal

Removing your Minx

Although Minx can last a while, they will eventually need removing as they will start to grow out. Complimentary removals (and trims) are offered here at Nail-ology.

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MINX... Extending Fashion to Your Toes... Love a Statement? Love Minx!


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