CND Shellac
CND Shellac
The Most Talked About Nail Innovation Since Minx!

Nail-ology - Master Nail Stylist Since 2004

Do you hate having a manicure only to see your polish wear or chip within a few days? Say good-bye to manicure frustration and hello to pure manicure satisfaction.

  • Goes On Like Nail Polish (base coat, colour coat, top coat).
  • Looks Like Nail Polish.
  • Wears with the resilience of Gel!
  • No Smudging.
  • Dry when you leave!
  • No Buffing to remove it!
  • Wrapped off in Minutes (really!!).

CND Shellac is designed for the natural nail client who simply can’t keep polish on for more than a few days, or who ends up ‘dinging’ a fresh manicure because of impatience during the drying process. CND Shellac is the answer for all you ladies that want gorgeous nails but don’t have the time to maintain them.  For additional strength please ask us about the fabulous Pure Gel.

CND Shellac Manicure / Pedicure
  • CND Shellac / Pure Gel Manicure – Dry when you leave! No smudging, no worrying.
  • Re-CND Shellac / Pure Gel Manicure

(approx 14 days – includes complimentary Shellac Removal Wrap)

* Please add £10 for Removal of  “Shellac / Gels” applied at another Salon (non CND Shellac)

  • CND Shellac / Pure Gel Pedicure – You can even put your socks straight on!
  • Re-CND Shellac / Pure Gel Pedicure  (4-6 weeks – includes complimentary Shellac Removal Wrap)      * Please add £10 for Removal of “Shellac / Gels” applied at another Salon (non CND Shellac)
CND Shellac Art & Style
  • Manicure or Pedicure – High quality fine glitter or foils encased within your CND Shellac / Pure Gel
  • Per finger
Add £1.00
  • Full Set
 Add £5.00
Gel Strengthener
Adds a thin, flexible, lightweight protection to perfect and smooth the surface of the natural nail, a perfect strengthening foundation under CND Shellac or for individual nails needing a repair. Wraps off in minutes!
  • Per finger
Add £1.00
  • Full Set
Add £6.00
CND Shellac / Pure Gel Removal
  • Removal of Nail-ology CND Shellac / Pure Gel (includes mini-manicure)
  • Removal of “Shellac / Gels” applied at another Salon (non CND Shellac) (includes mini-manicure)
  • CND Shellac ‘At Home’ Removal Kit

CND Shellac is neither like, nor does it behave like other Gels nor other polishes.

The formula is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it helps weak, thin nails by adding a strong, yet thin coating for protection. CND Shellac also helps hard, brittle nails by adding a tough, resilient coating for flexible protection.

As amazing as CND Shellac is on, removal is just as satisfying! No soaking, drilling or filing is necessary. Nails are wrapped individually and ten minutes of time in exchange for two weeks of perfect colour is all it takes.   Please note: Pure Gel will require the top coat buffing prior to wrapping for the removal product to penetrate the product.

Say Good-bye to waiting for polish to dry and Say HELLO to ZERO dry time.

Say Good-bye to less than perfect results and sheet marks and Say HELLO to a beautiful shine every time.

Say Good-bye to weak or damaged nails prone to snags and Say HELLO to gorgeous protected nails that are tough and flexible.

Say Good-bye to damaging colour removal done with a file or drill and Say HELLO to safe, easy wrap off’s in 10 minutes.

Say HELLO to the future… Say HELLO to CND Shellac!

The word CND Shellac has always been synonymous with a paint-on, durable, long-lasting and shiny finish on wood now it has a new meaning; a paint-on, durable, long-lasting shiny finish for nails.   For additional strength please ask us about the fabulous Pure Gel.

Click on the following link for some helpful tips on Aftercare Advice for CND Shellac / Pure Gel.



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CND Shellac

The most talked about Nail Innovation since Minx!


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