An Amazing Two-part Weekly Polish System

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VINYLUX™ is an AMAZING two-part weekly polish system that includes a self-adhering Colour Coat which eliminates the need for a Base Coat and an innovative new Top Coat utilizing ProLight Technology. When used together, the VINYLUX system provides fast-drying, upto week-long wear that allows for fashionable, flawless fingertips one week at a time!

Exposure to natural light secures the patent-pending Pro-Light technology, creating an enduring, long-lasting polish. Whilst ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time.

Many of the VINYLUX colours match our CND Shellac™ shades!

  • No Base Coat Required…Self Adhering Colour Coat!
  • Touch Dry in 8.5 Minutes!
  • Up to 7 day wear!
  • Top Coat ensures Durability Increased with Natural Day Light!
  • Removal is easy at home with Vmove Tube (available here at Nail-ology) or Acetone based Nail Enamel Remover.
Vinylux Manicure
  • Vinylux Manicure
    (includes a take home Vinylux Enamel and Top Coat)
  • Vinylux Re-manicure Option 1
    (includes a take home Vinylux Enamel)
  • Vinylux Re-manicure Option 2
    (manicure using YOUR previously purchased Vinylux Enamel colour)
Vinylux Pedicure
  • Vinylux Pedicure
    (includes a take home Vinylux Enamel and Top Coat)
  • Vinylux Re-pedicure Option 1
    (includes a take home Vinylux Enamel)
  • Vinylux Re-pedicure Option 2
    (using YOUR previously purchased Vinylux Enamel colour)
Vinylux Enamel & Top Coat
  • Vinylux Enamel or Top coat
  • Vinylux Enamel and Top coat
  • CND RidgeFx – Nail Surface Enhancer

We are happy to offer you regular appointments, or one off appointments when needed for those special occasions … you will be taken through a full consultation, and aftercare will be discussed with you to ensure you give your new investment the best possible care once you leave the salon.

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