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The amount of polish on your brush should be enough to cover the surface of the nail in one thin coat coat so that you do not have to re-dip into the polish. Adding polish to a partially covered nail will make the surface uneven and could drag the colour.


Should be light as a feather with a parallel brush (the brush should never bend where the hair meets the shaft of the brush, when polishing. If your brush bends, it is a show that your pressure is way to heavy and that you need to lighten your touch.


Accuracy … Your colour coat needs to be applied leaving just the merest hairs breadth of a free margin surrounding the nail plate; almost up to but never touching the skin. Leaving a tiny free margin makes the illusion of sleek perfect nails.


(particularly with a fast drying polish like VINYLUX) the Second coat and top coat should be applied quickly and with as few strokes as possible, just inside the perfect perimeter lines you have created with your first colour coat. It is essential to apply these coats as quickly as you can so that the polish doesn’t ‘melt’ or soften the polish underneath and drag it.

It is easy to be super quick with the second colour coat and top coat because you do not have to create the perfect edges; that is the job of the first colour coat. All you need to do is apply quickly down the nail and just avoiding the edges.

* Removal is easy at home with VMove Tube (available here at Nail-ology) or Acetone based Nail Enamel Remover.

Have fun with Vinylux! It’s a joy!



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